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For responsible tourism, fair and ecological
Travelling with Karim Sahara is above all about meeting a people, immersing yourself in a culture, discovering another world where values are so different from ours that they impose themselves on reflection, asking us about our own standards. It is the way one looks at the other, without judgment, with both curiosity and admiration, but it is also a questioning… of oneself and others.
The consequences of uncontrolled mass tourism can be devastating for both the environment and the human environment. In the context of Responsible Tourism, our team places among its owners a tourism that is inclusive, sustainable, fair, ecological, integrated and diffuse…
Fair and responsible tourism is one of our priorities and we are committed to :
Has a tourism activity that respects nature and the environment.
Has a tourist activity that respects the local population, its customs and its heritage
To preserve the cultural heritage of the regions visited
To preserve and promote the cultural identity of the territory and its inhabitants
To preserve the draa Valley which has the largest valley in Morocco with 200km of date palms.
A tourism of authentic encounters between travelers and local populations
A creating jobs for local people
To minimise impact on the environment (information and awareness-raising, waste management)…)
To promote a transparent and fair tourism activity vis-à-vis our customers and to ensure the quality of the services offered…
Has a tourism activity that directly aims the economic development and the development of the local populations…
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The establishment Karim Sahara is associated with Maroc Origines regarding the associative project presented on the site.
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