Desert group

Enjoy our know-how ! Our many years of experience and know-how give us the ability to meet your most demanding needs. Thanks to the expertise, competence and creativity of our team, we can propose to you operations and projects full of originality, for the realization of your program adapted and active, out of the ordinary.
You already know the desert or this is your first trip in the desert, you want a special tour or a personalized service for a group trip for a Cultural association, a group of friends, a company Committee or just a family so we design with you trips in the desert so that they are the perfect reflection of your desires.
The composition of the group can be very varied. There may be people of different ages, experienced and inexperienced travellers, people travelling alone, couples or friends.
Given the type of travel proposed, we suggest seeking a certain spirit of camaraderie and collaborating in certain tasks such as setting up and dismantling tents, collecting camping tools…… etc.