Desert family safety

A family trip to the Moroccan desert with children this is a special trip for the family, which allows everyone to get together, take the time to be together and share a wonderful trip to the desert.
A special rate is made for families with children under 12.
We prefer family trips in the Sahara desert near Zagora: diversity of landscapes, magnificent dunes, …..very warm welcome by our team.
You can leave with your children on most of our tours.Start with the Desert, The Mountain. It’s better in meharée than in 4×4. The prices are more accessible, a hospital infrastructure never very far away, and all the management already well experienced. All the people you will meet (guides, chamelers, muleteers) are welcoming, friendly and often French speaking
All the assets are brought together for an enriching cultural exchange. Nomads love children. It establishes between them a complicity, and the camel driver or muleteer quickly turns to buddy.The change of scenery is total. The children are not bored : the landscapes are varied and the daily discoveries. Riding a camel or mule is a constant source of distraction. The shower is rare but it doesn’t bother them !
In the event of a problem (illness or accident), repatriation is carried out quickly, taking into account the destinations proposed.Prices are very high for children, 20% discount for children up to 11 years old and 12% discount for children from 12 to 17 years old. Do not hesitate to ask us